Grant Recipient Update with Kids Kicking Cancer

This progress update comes from one of our 2019 Grant Recipients, Kids Kicking Cancer

Kids Kicking Cancer (KKC) is an organization that provides relief and support to families and caregivers of children with childhood cancer.  After suffering a child loss of her own 20 years ago, program founder Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg designed an organization that had a goal of empowering each family unit physically, spiritually and emotionally.

KKC has used the grant from Impact100 Oakland County to fund a year-long Parent Support pilot program called “Caring for the Caregiver: Support and Education for Parents and Families of Critically Ill Children.” The program serves 20-30 families in Oakland County by offering a series of experiences and modules designed to provide relief and uplift overburdened parents.

Types of programming that have been offered thus far: therapeutic martial arts classes, horticulture therapy, holiday gatherings, art projects, creating vision boards, a night of painting (like Painting with a Twist), parents’ night of pampering, game nights, yoga classes, and the end of summer movie & dinner night.

To date, KKC has exceeded the amount of sessions originally planned.  This is due to the dedicated staff, and particularly social worker Ms. Niga McCamey, who has worked tirelessly in the execution of this program.

An unexpected success has been the assortment of modules offered which include the siblings of critically ill children.  These children are often overlooked in the face of serious illness, and resentments can build.  The grant has allowed experiences that focus on all family members so each child in the household can feel recognized and included.

KKC has been unable to implement one of their major goals, however– a culminating retreat.  This is due to Covid and the immunocompromised population the organization serves.  Excitement will not be deterred, however.

KKC believes the retreat may need to take a different shape—but they are determined to have a meaningful, socially distanced face-face-event.

Because of Impact100 Oakland County —despite Covid—KKC has created a cohesive and committed community of individuals with similar experiences.  These families share information; they visit each other beyond the scheduled “class period;” they baby sit for each other, share meals and comfort each other.

We can say beyond a doubt that the partnership between Impact100 Oakland County and KKC has afforded many families meaningful reprieve and comfort.


-Written by Impact100 Oakland County Member, Katie Sargent