Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline for grant application?

For a detailed timeline of the entire Impact100 grant cycle, please see the timeline on our grant page.

Q: We are a small nonprofit and very new. Will we still be considered?

We welcome small, medium and large sized nonprofits to apply. Eligibility is determined by the strength of the project, the strength of the nonprofit organization, the impact of the project on the community and its sustainability.  The nonprofit must also be in possession of 3 full prior years (36 months) independently prepared, audited or reviewed financial statements with at least 1 year (12 months) independently prepared audited financial statements. The nonprofit must have an operating budget of $250,000 or more.

Q: Can our organization submit different grant applications in different categories?

Each organization may submit only one grant application each year. 

Q: If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon can we resubmit the proposal?

You may apply again the following year.

Q: If we submit a proposal and are awarded a grant, how soon can we apply again?

When a nonprofit is awarded a grant, then the organization must wait three years before reapplication to Impact100OC for another grant. The three-year period for grant recipients to re-apply begins the year the grant is awarded no matter if the grant money is distributed lump sum or via installment payments. (Example Nonprofit X received a grant in 2018; Nonprofit X would be able to re-apply in 2021.)

Q: Can we include our brochures, annual reports and videos about our organization?

When we do site visits, we are interested in all this information; however, in the initial steps of our review of the applications, these things are not taken into account so we will not accept these with the original application.

Q: How does Impact100 Oakland County pay out the grant money?

Impact100 Oakland County invests the grant money as a one-time payment or as a milestone payment (installments). A grant applicant may request either type of payment in the application. However, Impact100 Oakland County reserves the right to pay the grant in milestone payments if we determine it is more fiscally responsible to do so.

Q: What is the period of time the money must be spent?

The period of time the money must be spent correlates directly with the project’s intended implementation timeline and must be expended within 36 months.

Q: If the project is a multi-agency collaboration, do we submit the financial information from all the collaborating partners?

If a project application is a multi-agency collaboration, Impact100 Oakland County requires financial information from all collaborating partners during the grant application process. Please note each partner should submit complete financial data for three years as outlined in the grant application checklist.

Q. Are grants always for the same amount?

Our grant amount will fluctuate every year based on the number of members we have for that year.

Q: Is there the ability to print out the LOI or application after you submit online?

Yes, our online submission portal allows the ability to print completed LOIs and applications.

Q: If the most recent budget is not approved by an agency’s board by the grant deadline, can the “draft” be submitted?

Yes. For the LOI, Impact100 Oakland County is interested in your project budget and even though it is not officially approved, it must still be a realistic budget. Please note that the final question on the LOI asks you to confirm that your Executive Director and/or Board President are aware of the application.

Q: Do you look to fund only “new impacts” or would you consider supporting previously awarded impact areas?

Impact100 Oakland County encourages all types of applications and if your program will change lives, we encourage you to submit it for consideration. Our committees have full control over who they choose as their finalist.

Q: Are committee chairs allowed/willing to meet with me to discuss prior year submission(s) in an effort to improve upon our previous application?

Impact100 Oakland County prides itself on its ability to maintain a level playing field amongst all applicants. In addition, due to the ever-changing makeup of membership and committee involvement, any advice given might actually be invalid and misleading into a next year. Therefore, we do not offer feedback and just ask you to attend the Grant Application Workshop.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

Any questions or comments regarding the grant application process are welcome. Please contact us at