2018 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to Common Ground, Huron-Clinton Metroparks Foundation and The Rainbow Connection!

Impact100 Oakland County, a woman’s philanthropic group, announced that it has awarded a $90,000 grant each to Common Ground, Huron-Clinton Metroparks and The Rainbow Connection. The member-based organization selected the three nonprofits from more than 70 applications at its annual meeting held on October 23. The grants will support each nonprofit organization’s work serving Oakland County.

Common Ground will use its Impact100 Oakland County grant to support its Resource and Crisis Helpline Text and Chat Feature 24/7 Coverage. This grant will support crisis interventionists who directly respond to Oakland County residents in crisis as well as the availability of 24/7 Crisis Text and Chat services. According to Common Ground President and CEO Heather Rae, “With this grant, we can continue Chat and Text for tens of thousands of people in crisis.”

Huron-Clinton Metroparks Foundation will use its Impact100 Oakland County grant to support its Seeding a Green Future—Engaging Low-Income Students in STEM through Sustainable Agriculture. Jennifer Jaworski, Chief of Interpretive Services, said, “The Seeding a Green Future project will provide a mentoring program that will engage students and their teachers in sustainable agriculture, STEM education, critical thinking and logical reasoning skills to inspire lifelong learning success.”

The Rainbow Connection will use its Impact100 Oakland County grant to support The Rainbow Connection Impact Kits for families experiencing a child facing a life threatening medical condition and difficulty meeting basic living expenses. The Impact Kits are tailored to each family’s documented financial needs and includes assistance with gas, food, parking, public transportation and other emergent needs. George Miller, Executive Director, adds “This group has made it possible to address the quiet suffering these families are dealing with.”

“We are thrilled to be able to award $270,000 this year to non-profits serving Oakland County. As an organization we continue to grow in members and impact. We are a true community within a community. Our members have joined together to give back in a meaningful way and in the process are also meeting and networking with like-minded women,” said Mary Pat Rosen, Impact100 Oakland County President. “We have grown exponentially over the last three years. We hope that trend will continue as our members see that their philanthropic dollars are not only making a difference and an impact on so many lives, but also because they are learning, growing and supporting one another within a giving environment. Congratulations to our 2018 finalists!”

Past Recipients

2017 Grant Recipients: Beyond Basics & CARE House of Oakland County!

Beyond Basics will use its Impact100 Oakland County grant to support its Pontiac Literacy Suite program, an intensive one-on-one tutoring program for 55 students at Whitman Elementary School. The program’s goal is to bring each student to his/her academic grade level in reading. The program has been successfully implemented in other schools, bringing students to their grade’s reading level in about six weeks.

CARE House of Oakland County will use its Impact100 Oakland County grant to support its Nurturing Parenting Program. This program, designed for families with children ages 5-12, promotes healthy parenting skills by strengthening familial bonds and expanding open, empathetic communication. The program seeks to create a strong community by creating good parents, preventing children from becoming victims of abuse and neglect.

“Beyond Basics and CARE House of Oakland County are two outstanding nonprofits doing important work in our community. These projects will help deliver services that are critical to people in Oakland County,” said Ginny Fischbach, Impact100 Oakland County President. “Our 201 members this year made this happen. And as we continue to grow, we will be able to award even more grants to projects that will impact the community. That’s the real power of collective philanthropy.”

2016 Grant Recipient: Variety - The Children's Charity!

Fox 2 Detroit News Amy’s Angels Segment with Impact100 Oakland County and Variety The Children’s Charity

Project Funded:  Variety Feeds Kids

Variety Feeds Kids provides nearly 1,000 Pontiac elementary students who are at-risk of weekend hunger with nutritious, easy to assemble meals to allow children to grow, learn, and live healthy lifestyles.  Working with Oakland County law enforcement and Sheriff Bouchard, the food is distributed by officers and Variety volunteers.  The unique pairing of food distribution and law enforcement provides physical sustenance to the children while nourishing the needs of both school and community.

Impact100 support will expressly fund the purchase of weekend meals for an additional elementary school (approx. 330 children) in the Pontiac School District for three years.  Success of the program is measured via feedback from school staff, increased attendance and performance, and positive interactions between children, parents, and law enforcement.  To combat the disparity of resources in Oakland County, the program is dedicated to providing hungry children with this most basic need.

More About Variety:

Variety-Detroit is a children’s charity, simply helping kids no matter the need, and serving as a trusted local source to do what’s right—changing our lives by changing theirs.  Variety prides itself on providing vital medical and therapeutic services, recreational facilities and educational opportunities to children with special needs. For more information, click here.