Let’s Give 110%!

Let’s give 110% – A Letter from our Treasurer

To date, Impact100 Oakland County has raised almost $1.4MM in grant dollars for our local community non-profits. A founding principle of our organization is returning every cent of our $1,000 membership dues directly back to the non-profits through our grants. We also are blessed with numerous volunteers who donate their time as part of our board of directors, grant committees, nonprofit outreach, and other activities throughout the year.

However, in order to responsibly manage our mission, we must meet the overhead expenses associated with being good stewards. Most of our overhead is ‘fixed costs’ – things like donor management and grant evaluation software, insurance, web hosting fees, licenses, CPA costs, etc. The funding for our overhead comes from a special group of women that go above & beyond each year to help our organization fulfill our mission – our 110% Club.

All members are eligible to be a part of this extraordinary group. We hope you’ll consider giving 110% and contributing at the $1,100 level (or higher) to ensure our ability to deliver on Impact100 Oakland County’s philanthropic mission. As always, donations of any amount toward operational expenses are welcome and very much appreciated!

Whether you decide to join at 110% or not, you are engaging in the important and necessary work of philanthropy in our community by being a member and, for this, we are profoundly grateful for each and every one of you.

To renew or join Impact100 Oakland County for our 2022 giving year, please visit http://www.impact100oaklandcounty.org/membership/.

Of course, if you, at any time, have questions for the Impact100 Oakland County Finance team, you can reach out to us at finance@impact100oc.org.

Thank you for your membership & generosity!
Emily Rollins
Treasurer, Impact100 Oakland County

One additional reminder: company matching gifts are another great way to support Impact100 Oakland County’s philanthropic work. If you or your partner’s employer has a matching gift benefit, please consider Impact100 Oakland County for your company match!