Meet a Member – Kelly Houseman

Meet Kelly Houseman!

How long have you been a member? Six years.

What inspired you to join the organization? So many times we wish we could do something to make a difference in our community but don’t know how. Impact100 really shows us the way to make an impact in a tangible way and it feels so good to see the whole process from start to finish.

How has your membership impacted your life? Knowing that so many local nonprofits are able to do incredible work and touch as many lives as they do is the biggest reward as a member.

What is your favorite Impact100 memory? Being able to attend the awards ceremony for the first time when I had just found out I was pregnant. It was such a special time for many reasons 🙂

What would you tell someone who is considering joining Impact100 Oakland County? If you have the ability to financially contribute the feeling you get from watching your local community benefit is indescribable. Plus the ability to network, make new friends and have social and philanthropic opportunities is the icing on the cake.

Tell us a little bit more about YOU! I am a therapist with my own private practice and I am dedicated to spreading the word about therapy and advocating for mental health where everyone can live their best lives. I have two small children and a busy husband and I wish I had energy (thank you to my non-sleepers ) for more hobbies but working out and the occasional happy hour keeps me sane.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Kelly, and for your many contributions to our organization!