Meet a Member – Maria Kopicki

Meet Maria Kopicki!

How long have you been a member? 2 years

What inspired you to join the organization? I was introduced by my good friend, Angel Lau and I LOVED the mission!

How has your membership impacted your life? I’ve met amazing people and even grew my real estate business, selling a couple homes to women who I met through this group. I also love the nonprofits I have met and have shared them with people in need.

What is your favorite Impact100 memory? The last volunteer committee meeting I attended, we had some very intimate and impactful discussions and it was great to bond with the other women.

What can you tell someone who is thinking about joining Impact100 Oakland
County? Not only will you be surrounded by AMAZING women- you will be blown away by the impact this organization creates.

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

Overcoming challenges and using them as motivation to achieve success has led me to where I am today!¬†Being raised by a single mom on welfare, having my meals for the holidays and gifts come from the church or Saint Vincent de Paul or Salvation Army, being bullied for being too thin or too poor, and gender expectations within the Chaldean culture could’ve either broke me or made me stronger in pursuit of what I wanted for my family in the future. My husband and I have 4 beautiful daughters together. Family is everything to us!

My mother was the strongest women I ever knew, and was the driving force behind my vision to give back. Her determination and guidance led me to pursue a career in Education. I taught middle school for 30 years and I had a mantra in my educational career #It’sallaboutthelove. Teaching WAS my passion, helping others IS my passion.

Later I took that passion and transitioned into real estate where I’ve excelled and defied expectations. Within two years of my career as a realtor I was number one in the entire state of Michigan for buyer sales and top in the country. The success I’ve had in this career has allowed me to give more. I started a nonprofit called EVOLVEK12+, it’s a commission donation program where I donate a portion of my commission to education equity initiatives.

Being a part of Impact, I’ve met some absolutely truly amazing people who are like-minded and come across some nonprofits that are amazing. The things that they do for people in this community is amazing. I just love being around these amazing women who are doing so much to make a difference for those in need. I feel like this is my tribe and I really love them. I feel blessed to be a part of this group.


Thank you for sharing your story with us Maria, and for your many contributions
to our organization!