Meet a Member – Rachel Pinch

Meet Rachel Pinch!

How long have you been a member? Three years – I only wish I had joined

What inspired you to join the organization? I was inspired by the idea that my
contribution can make a bigger difference within our community when pooled
together with contributions from others as part of the grant fund.

How has your membership impacted your life? I have had the opportunity to
connect with like-minded women and am excited to contribute to Impact100
Oakland County as a new member of the Board of Directors!

What is your favorite Impact100 memory? Hearing the director of the Gary
Burnstein Community Health Clinic speak at the Meet the Finalists event in 2022.
As an attorney who helps individuals who are disabled and cannot work (and
therefore often lose health care coverage), I connected immediately with the
mission of the Gary Burnstein Clinic, which is to provide high-quality, free
healthcare for people without insurance. The director of the clinic spoke
passionately about the work of the clinic, and it made a lasting impression on me
regarding the needs of individuals within Oakland County.

What can you tell someone who is thinking about joining Impact100 Oakland
County? You won’t regret it!

Tell us a little bit about YOU! I am an attorney in private practice, specializing in
Social Security Disability law. My husband, Andrew, and I have two kids and a dog.
Our family enjoys swimming, skiing, and spending time up north.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Rachel, and for your many contributions
to our organization!