Become a Member

We realize $1,000 is a “stop and think” gift.

For many of our members, $1,000 represents sacrifice and intentional budgeting to make a charitable gift of this size. That is by design. The goal is for each member to feel fully invested in and connected to their giving, and the transformational grants that result from it. You have the option to pay via check or credit card, you even have the option to join as an “Evergreen” member! A 3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments.

Join our 110% Club

We invite you to join our 110% Club!

A founding principle of our organization is returning every cent of our $1,000 membership dues directly back to the non-profits through our grants. However, to responsibly manage our mission, we must meet the overhead expenses associated with being good stewards. The funding for our overhead comes from a special group of women that go above & beyond each year to help our organization fulfill our mission. We hope you’ll consider giving 110% and contributing at the $1,100 level (or higher) to ensure our ability to deliver on that.

Evergreen Membership

Express your continued commitment to Impact100 Oakland County’s mission by enrolling as an Evergreen Member. Simply select “evergreen member” on your membership form and help us plan for successful years to come! Evergreen member’s enroll once and stay enrolled for future years. They will receive an annual invoice for member dues as well as special recognition in our directory and signature events.

Payment Options

Impact100 Oakland County is proud to be an inclusive and accessible organization. Members have the option to pay their $1,000 membership dues over the course of four months as opposed to a one-time payment. If you are interested in utilizing Impact100 Oakland County’s payment plan, please submit an application and agree to the terms & conditions. You will receive an email within a week with information on how to make payments and next steps.

Corporate Support

Many of our members are engaged with our organization through support of a corporate partner. Companies have sponsored full memberships or half memberships for their employees to join our organization. If you think your company would be interested in sponsoring you as a member but need our help to present the story, our Board of Directors will be happy to meet with you or your company to tell our mission and vision for bringing women together to engage in large-scale grant giving.

Rachael E. Hubers Memorial Match Program

Impact100 Oakland County has received generous donations from one of our members in memory of her daughter, Rachael Elizabeth Hubers. Our Board of Directors, in consultation with the Hubers family, has decided the best way to honor Rachael is to ensure we continue to grow our membership to maximize our community giving. Through this scholarship fund, we are pleased to offer a number of $500 membership matches annually. The goal of this program is to reach a new group of members who may not be ready to commit to a full membership, but still wish to help us reach our goal of Funding all Five focus areas.