Help us double our impact in 2021! 

  • Renew your own membership today!
    Remember, our membership cycle renews every year and closes at the end of March. The need in our community is greater than ever.
  • Re-joining is simple and easy!
    Simply fill out our online member application & select pay by check or credit card.
  • Join our 110% Club!
    Donate an extra $100 towards our administrative costs. As an all-volunteer organization, our administrative costs cover database software, tax & accounting fees, and legal support.
  • Recruit your “Just One!”
    If each 2020 member recruited “just one” new member, we would double our impact!
    Personal referrals and word of mouth are our most proven recruitment strategy.
  • Utilize the Hubers Membership Match Program!   
    If you are an existing or new member, you can now apply to receive a match of $500 toward your annual membership – we are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to members!
  • Use our Member Recruitment Toolkit!
    Please use our recruitment toolkit where you can find sample emails & social posts to help you tell our story!
  • Attend or host an event – virtual or small and safe in-person gatherings!
    At a time when it’s hard to connect with our community – help us tap into your network by hosting an event! A board member can attend an existing event or help you plan a new one. Whether it’s virtual or a small safe in-person gathering.
  • Upcoming Events!
    Attend and invite potential members to any of our upcoming events including:

    • Trivia Night
    • Donuts & Donations
    • March Recruitment Event