Why it’s important to be a 110% club member

Did you know that our Impact100 Oakland County organization is run entirely by volunteers?

Those volunteers are all woman, and each one is also a member of Impact100. Did you also know that even though we are 100% run by volunteers, we incur unavoidable expenses? Those volunteers are, after all, running a nonprofit organization. Those expenses include “fixed costs” like our donor management and grant application software, insurance, web hosting fees, licenses, and CPA costs.

One of the key tenants of the Impact100 model is that 100% of a member’s $1,000 dues go toward the grants that are awarded at the end of each annual cycle. For instance, in 2022, Impact100 Oakland County secured 300 members. In November, we awarded three, $100,000 grants to three nonprofits. Three hundred members gave $1,000 each totaling $300,000. Then $300,000 in grant dollars were distributed. This model is powerful because women know that their entire donation will be given away. That feels good. It makes membership in Impact100 year after year palatable. We do the vetting work for you at no cost! And it’s exciting to see your whole donation at work in your community. Not one dollar is stripped out to pay for overhead.

However, circling back to that issue of the organization’s “fixed costs”—Impact100 actually has bills it needs to pay in order function. That’s where our 110% club comes in. These women give above and beyond their $1,000. They give $1,100, and that extra $100 is used to cover the essential costs associated with operating our impactful program. Last year, 136 woman joined the 110% club to help our organization continue being a change maker in Oakland County (and also continue paying our bills!). Will you join consider joining our 110% club in 2023?


Written by Impact100 Oakland County Member, Tracy Zeman